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NEFAR Leadership Academy

Maximize Your Leadership Potential

The Leadership Academy is designed to increase one’s leadership knowledge through education, to provide opportunities and motivation for growth, both personally and professionally, and lastly to empower one to become an active leader in their life and their community and maybe a future leader in NEFAR.

The NEFAR Leadership Academy is a year-long commitment designed to train emerging leaders in how to get involved, make a difference, grow their businesses, and expand their personal leadership skills. It begins in January of each year and ends in November with project presentations. The formal recognition for graduation is normally at the Awards Gala in January.

Throughout the year, the work includes personality traits, team-building exercises, goal-setting, networking techniques, projects, and communication skills.

The academy offers an opportunity to see how NEFAR operates by participating in a Budget & Finance and a Board of Directors meeting. Many of the principles that guide NEFAR’s volunteer leadership teams also assist our students in running their businesses and making better life decisions that affect everything they do.


You’re a good fit to apply if you have served as a committee volunteer with NEFAR or another local Realtor association, Florida Realtors, or the National Association of Realtors. The Leadership Academy class size is normally limited to a maximum of 15-20 participants each year.

Costs and time commitments

A low cost of $99.00 covers all NEFAR onsite training/speaker sessions & lunch which is due after the interview and acceptance.

All other expenses would be your responsibility such as registration fees, travel fees, and overnight accommodations to all FR meetings such as the Annual Conference, Mid-Winter, and GARD (Great American Realtor Day) or any NAR meetings, if applicable.

Application Process

The application process opens every year approximately on September 1 of the current year and includes the application, a tentative schedule of events for the upcoming year and a commitment letter to be signed before or at the interview. Interview times are based on the time your application is received at

As part of our application, you will need to answer several essay questions, describe your volunteer experience, and provide a resume, headshot, and a letter of recommendation from your broker and have served on at least one NEFAR, FR, or NAR committee.

Leadership Development Task Force

The mission of the Leadership Development Task Force of the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors® (“NEFAR”) is designed to assist in identifying potential leaders in our organization.

If you have any questions, please contact Glenn East, CEO at 904-394-9494 ext. 1209 or

Apply Here!

The application period is currently closed. The 2025 NEFAR Leadership Academy application window will open this September.