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NEFAR Elections

2025 Candidate Application Window is Open (Deadline May 19)

Campaign Window June 28 - July 12

Voting period July 15-17

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Shaping the future of NEFAR

The election of our Board of Directors and officer positions is a cornerstone event for the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors®, reflecting our commitment to leadership, accountability, and member engagement. These positions play a crucial role in guiding our association, shaping our strategic direction, and ensuring that we continue to meet the needs of our members while upholding the highest standards of the real estate industry.

Running for a position on the Board or as an officer is a significant opportunity to influence the future of NEFAR, contribute to the growth of our profession, and make a lasting impact on our community. It is not only a chance to lead but also to bring fresh ideas and perspectives that can help drive innovation and success within the association.

Equally important is the participation of our members in the election process. Voting in these elections ensures that your voice is heard in selecting leaders who are committed to advancing our collective goals and addressing the challenges we face in the industry. Each vote contributes to the robust governance of our association, reinforcing the democratic process that stands at the heart of our organizational values.

We encourage all members to consider the profound impact of these roles, to engage actively in the nomination process, and to participate in the elections. Your involvement is essential in shaping a vibrant, effective, and responsive NEFAR.

In the video above NEFAR CEO, Glenn East and 2023 NEFAR President, Diana Galavis go into detail about NEFAR’s nominating and elections process. 

Positions and Duties

The NEFAR Board of Directors consists of 4 Officers (President, President-Elect, Secertary, Treasurer) and 19 Directors. NEFAR’s immediate past president and the current realMLS president automatically occupy two of the 19 Director spots each year leaving the remaining 17 positions to be filled through the elections process.

In Addition to the local Board positions, NEFAR elects members to serve as Directors on the National Association of REALTORS Board. The number of directors NEFAR is allowed to send to NAR is contingent on how many members NEFAR has. Currently NEFAR is allowed four Director positions. 


Term Length: 1 Year

As the chief elected officer of the Association the President presides at members’ meetings and at the meetings of the Board of Directors and performs all duties of President subject to the declared policies of the Board of Directors.


Term Length: 1 Year

In the absence of the President, the President-Elect shall perform all the duties and functions of the President. The President-Elect will automatically become President for the ensuing year.


Term Length: 1 Year

The Secretary keeps minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the members, give notice of all meetings, and maintain custody of the corporate records, except financial records to be maintained by the Treasurer.


Term Length: 1 Year

The Treasurer is the custodian of the funds of the Association and keeps an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements. The Treasurer provides periodic statements of all accounts and financial affairs of the corporation as are required by the President or the Board of Directors.


Term Length: 2 Years

Directors provide a stable collective decision making body within the association. Directors collaborate closely with other board members to set policies, manage financial resources, and uphold the mission and values of NEFAR.

NAR Large Association Director

Term Length: 3 Years

NAR Large Association Directors serve as a NEFAR representative on the National Association of REALTORS’ Board of Directors. 


The voting period is open for three days every July. Every NEFAR member is highly encouraged to cast a vote. NEFAR will announce the dates and times in the weeks leading up to the voting period. Once the voting period has opened you will have three days to access the Voting ballot within your NEFAR Member Account and cast your vote for the candidate(s) of your choice. 

Run As A Candidate

Help contribute to the growth and direction of the associaiton by running as a candidate for one of the open positions for the coming year. 

Why should I run?

If you would like to apply to be a candidate for an open Board of Directors position the window to apply usually opens mid-April and ends mid-May.