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Legislative Center

About NEFAR Government Affairs

The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors is an active participant in the public policy and political affairs arena. Through NEFAR’s Government Affairs department, NEFAR members are kept informed on legislation and policy issues affecting the real estate industry at all levels of government.

The department monitors current and proposed regulation and works with NEFAR’s Legislative Committee to develop and promote the Realtor position within the community. Coordinating Realtor’s grassroots efforts, the department alerts members to respond to Calls to Action to support lobbying strategies.

NEFAR Government Affairs also conducts an extensive Candidate Screening program to help elect REALTOR Champions; candidates who support the free enterprise system, private property rights and the real estate industry.

Under the umbrella of the REALTOR Party, the success of REALTORS’ public advocacy efforts depends on member participation and, in large part, on the strength of the Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC).

NEFAR’s Government Affairs department facilitates NEFAR’s RPAC fundraising efforts. In addition to hosting fundraising events, NEFAR works to educate members about the importance of contributing to RPAC and promotes participation and recognition of those members who qualify for major investor status.

Meet your NEFAR Government Affairs Staff

Nancy Garcia

Nancy Garcia

Government Affairs Director

Trenity Bridges

Trenity Bridges

Government Affairs Coordinator