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Gold Key


Excellence In Professionalism

Professionalism and quality customer service are the keys to success in the real estate industry, so be sure to add this certification to the top of your achievements.

The purpose of the Gold Key course is to enlighten participants on the “keys” to being successful in the real estate industry. This class assists REALTORS® in gaining a higher degree of professionalism and provides them with a broad general knowledge of how to succeed. The Gold Key certification course is beneficial to both new and seasoned REALTORS®. Those who are new to the profession attain a greater level of expertise, while experienced REALTORS® often discover the class to be the perfect refresher course.

Through this class, participants gain an understanding of what consumer surveys say about REALTORS® and their quality of service and professionalism. Specifically, students will:

  • Discover five ways to improve their customer service
  • Learn how training and accountability increase professionalism
  • Learn how to meet or exceed buyer and seller expectations
  • Know what it takes to set themselves apart from other agents
  • Learn how to deal with difficult customers without losing the deal
  • Learn how to adapt in order to meet the standards of buyers and sellers
  • Learn how to redefine their skills to understand current disclosure issues
  • Learn how risk management increases professionalism
  • Learn to evaluate circumstances that motivate customers to buy and sell
  • Learn to establish standards that aid in providing professional services throughout the transaction, from start to finish
Gold Key Certification (GKC)

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