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Forms & Contracts

Notice: As of June 30, 2024 NEFAR forms and contracts are no longer available and supported. Please use forms and contracts provided by Florida Realtors via Form Simplicity.

Forms - Look-Up Tool

realMLS has created a handy tool to help assist you during the transition from NEFAR/realMLS forms to Florida Realtors forms. The tool allows you to search for any NEFAR or realMLS form and see the name of the equivalent Florida Realtors form. 

Also available on this page is additional information regarding the change and helpful FAQ’s.

Forms Simplicity

Access all Florida Realtors Forms & Contracts via Forms Simplicity. As a NEFAR and Florida Realtors member this service is provided to you at no additional cost. 

If you have already registered your Forms Simplicity account, simply click the button below to login or access your Forms Simplicity account directly from the Launch Dashboard.

NOTE: If you have not already registered your Forms Simplicity account you will need to do so by clicking on the “I would like to reset or register my password” link after clicking the button below. 

Other Services

Your brokerage might use a different service than Forms Simplicity. Make sure to check with your broker to confirm which service provider you should use.

Most major forms services already offer up-to-date Florida Realtors forms.

If you or your broker decide to download the Florida Realtors forms to your own server or library, it is your responsibility to ensure they remain current.