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2025 Candidates

The Nominating Committee has recommended the following slate of candidates for members to consider during NEFAR’s election of officers and directors for 2025.

There were no applications submitted from other candidates wishing to run from the floor, therefore all positions are unopposed. NEFAR REALTOR® members will vote to approve the 2025 Slate of Officers and Directors submitted by the 2024 Nominating Committee.

REALTOR members will be able to cast their vote in support of the proposed candidates online from 8 am Monday, July 15 through 5 pm Wednesday, July 17.

NEFAR Officers

The following candidates were nominated to serve the respective NEFAR Officer positions for a one year term.


Mario Gonzales
Mario Gonzalez


Kim Knapp


Gonzalo Mejia


Tia Vincent

realMLS Directors

The following candidates were nominated to serve on the realMLS Board of Directors for a three year term.

Director (2025-2027)

Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell

Director (2025-2027)

Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson

Director (2025-2027)

Howard Flaschen

Director (2025-2027)

Christian Oliva